Hot Wheels First Editions

Collecting is a hobby shared by millions across the United States. People sometimes collect the bizarre and obscure like duct tape or hubcaps. Others collect extremely popular items like Coca Cola products and baseball cards. Right up there with the top of the list are miniature die cast cars. For many, the first edition Hot Wheels series of cars are the equivalent of the rookie card to a baseball card collector.

Whenever Hot Wheels used to release a new vehicle in their lineup, it was referred in the First Edition Hot Wheels series. Later, in 2007, Mattel decided to drop the title and move it to, simply, New Model. Many people enjoy collecting the First Editions of vehicles as it brings a sense of freshness to their collection. Many collectors view the cars currently in open stock as ordinary. The title that they are bestowed with adds value and a sense of originality to their collection.

Because of the built in limited quantity that comes with a car in the First Edition Hot Wheels series, there is a very real sense of limited production. They can obviously only be acquired the very first year of production to earn the title and with that comes its collectability. They can pull a premium much like other collections and are worth even more if you can obtain the entire first editions collections for a specific year due to the difficulty that presents. But whether it’s collecting First Editions or Treasure Hunts, Hot Wheels definitely have a collector’s following that spans the world over.

Due to their following, the Hot Wheels brand is as powerful as ever and it’s still evident. With collector’s clubs online and conventions taking place all over the United States, die cast car collecting is alive and well. Many credit it to be to the initial low cost of car collecting. It’s also been attributed to the kid in all of us and the nostalgic memories it drums up deep inside of us all. Many collectors reminisce about the simpler days of being a child, playing with their cars in the living room and dreaming of one day being able to drive the real thing. As irony would have it, now we dream of our biggest concerns being back in the days where it was where our favorite VW bus had disappeared to. Whatever the reason, First Edition Hot Wheels series cars are just one of many valuable collectibles active today.


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