Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts were a line that Mattel brought to market in 1995. The concept behind it was that 12 cars would be released every year, one car per month, during a very limited production run. In the first year of production, only 10,000 units were produced globally. True to its name, they became sought after at a remarkable rate. They were in such high demand, in fact, that Mattel made the executive decision to increase production for the years 1996 and 1997 to 25,000 units distributed globally. In 1998, Mattel stopped publicly releasing production numbers on the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt line so there’s no data to support how many were produced from 1998 on.

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts, or T-Hunts as they were also known, are easily identifiable by their packaging. A green bar flanks the right side with the words “Treasure Hunts” in it and a picture of a treasure chest. These cars were made special using flashy paint schemes and designs as well as having special rubber wheels that weren’t available in the normal Hot Wheels line. Even though they sold at normal retail price, even from their inception, they fetched a premium on the internet and special collector’s stores.

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts were not only available as individual cars at stores but they were sold in a special collector’s set of all 12 through Mattel’s Redline Club and JC Penney. These are even rarer than the actual T-Hunt cars are themselves and have a production range of 2,000 to 6,000 units. Since it came in a unique bundled package featuring all 12 cars, the value of this set is considered to be even higher than having the complete collection of 12 for a specific year loosely.

In 2007, change came about the Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts line once again. Mattel had decided that they would release their regular 12 car lineup for the T-Hunt line but they wouldn’t stop there. They were also creating 12 Super Treasure Hunts. The Super Treasure Hunts line was also 12 cars but it brought even more features with it and a rarity that had gotten away from the original Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts concept. The Super T-Hunts are usually finished in the new recreated Spectraflame paint scheme, a throwback to the original Hot Wheels of the 60’s. They also include more authentic wheels known as real riders that were a key component of the Treasure Hunts line since its original inception in ’95.

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