Hot Wheels Monster Jam

Collecting Hot Wheels die cast cars is as much about fun as it is about collecting. When it comes to the Hot Wheels brand in particular, they have built a collection of fantasy cars available to us that aren’t just ordinary replicas of what we see crowding the streets every day. But sometimes a collection that comes along that is a combination of the two. Monster Jams Hot Wheels cars are exactly the combination.

Monster trucks are about as American as apple pie. With their Goliath presence, they stand above us and make us feel smaller than we ever have next to a vehicle. Monster truck racing is becoming more popular every year in the US and these massive beasts of trucks are now part of a traveling tour called Monster Jam. Hot Wheels decided to bring the fun and excitement of the monster trucks to children and adults everywhere with their introduction of Monster Jams Hot Wheels cars. Now, everyone can be part of the action.

Monster Jams Hot Wheels cars are still being produced by Hot Wheels so they haven’t quite reached collector’s status yet. Still, children of all ages young and old find themselves purchasing the monster trucks to be part of the action. In true Hot Wheels form, with what once started as a bright orange race track, they offer many exciting accessories to go with the trucks. From crash cages to stunt ramps, there’s a whole line of accessories available. And it doesn’t end with the standard scale that we’re used to seeing in miniature die cast collectibles. Almost in the standard monster truck form, Hot Wheels also offers many different sizes of your favorite monster trucks all the way up to 1:18th scale and RC models.

You don’t have to be a kid to play with Hot Wheels. If they’ve built their company on any one belief, it would be that one. And if you’re a monster truck fan with favorites like Grave Digger and Brutus, you can find your favorites in the perfect size. If you have children of your own, then the Monster Jams Hot Wheels cars may be the best way to let them live out their dreams of car crushing and extreme truck dominance. In the end, this series is undoubtedly going to be a collectible. Whatever your draw is to them, you will enjoy what they have to offer you.


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